Urban Queen fw 14/15 LOOKBOOK 20 November 2014 – Posted in: fw14-15, Laura Chiriță, my work, New York, NYC, Urban Queen, US

Have you ever been amazed? I mean really amazed? Stoned with inspiration and creativity just by standing in one place. Breathing the air of that place, looking at the people, the lights, hearing the noise and feeling the vibration of everything around you. Well that’s what New York City did to me.

Urban-glam, splashed with Baroque and Gothic architectural elements, inspired by the one place in the World where urban is mixed with freedom, old and new, bright lights and big dreams- NEW YORK.


Collection: Urban Queen fw 14/15 Laura Chiriță

Photo: Banat Foto-Studio 

Models: Alexandra Paraschiv, PTK Models and Alexandra Onofrei

MUA: Denisa Iovan

Accesories: Andrei Abrudean/Abru Shop

Orders and info: laurachirita@ymail.com